SPOTLIGHT: Edward Arriaga, Co-founder, C’est La Vie Consultants

Fallback Image About Edward Arriaga Edward holds a special interest in international business and marketing strategies. Edward is a medical tourism facilitator specializing in plastic surgery. He has held various leadership positions such as senior vice president, director of Marketing and Operations, and CEO for various reputable companies. His goal is to make the Fortune 500 list and make a major impact on the corporate world. About C’est La Vie Consultants C’est La Vie Consultants is an elite medical tourism company that puts customer service above all else. The consultancy provides medical travel services by bringing together potential clients, the world’s leading professionals, accredited healthcare facilities and tourism services. C’est La Vie Consultants endeavors to make the process easy and comfortable for every client.   Medical Travel Today (MTT): Give our readers some background on C’est La Vie Consultants. Edward Arriaga (EA): C’est La Vie Consultants allows patients worldwide to be confident, comfortable and frugal in their decisions to travel abroad for medical services. We are the first recognized international consulting firm that provides a full-service medical tourism process by helping patients plan all aspects of their surgical procedures and connect them with board certified plastic surgeons. Each patient is assigned a personal surgical consultant who assists the individual from initial contact, throughout their surgical procedure and into recovery, and also handles the logistics of the entire process. This unique service is an integral part of what our company offers patients, providing them with peace of mind on their surgical journey. MTT: Explain C’est La Vie’s involvement with the patient from start to finish. EA: The personal surgery consultant is the first to contact the patient, always within one work day of the patient’s submission form. The consultant will gather pertinent background information from the patient, and then compile their medical case. Alongside the participating providers, the surgical consultant will help develop a uniquely designated diagnostic and treatment plan, including a financial estimation, which is then reported to the patient. We arrange all of the necessary medical appointments and contact the patient prior to their departure, providing all details in regard to the upcoming process. The personal surgical consultant is also responsible for ensuring that the client fully understands their surgical procedures and options. Additionally, the personal surgical consultant handles the patient’s unique desires, such as tourist attractions, transportation, language translators, personal chef, personal nurse, etc., as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We ensure the patient is satisfied with their care, returns home safely, and of course, we always follow up with a personal phone call at home. Our surgical consultants hold degrees pertaining to the medical or human relation fields and have experience in client relation or management roles at various medical or otherwise relevant institutions. MTT: Tell us about your service packages. EA: We have three service packages: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each package is uniquely designed and personalized to accommodate a patient’s needs and budget. The Bronze package is a basic service consisting of obtaining quotes, scheduling surgical appointments, arranging transportation and much more. The Silver package targets patients who have time-sensitive issues and need rush service to obtain quotes and to quickly travel abroad to have a surgical procedure. Lastly, the Gold package is for patients who are interested in the basics, as well as a surgical care package and massage or visa card depending on their country of choice. MTT: Are there any associated cost benefits for patients utilizing C’est La Vie’s services? EA: Our firm was designed for the “busy” individual who does not have time to conduct research or book their procedure – or they just want to consult regarding their options. We take the stress off of the individual by acting as the liaison between plastic surgeons and patients. We also have great business relationships with international plastic surgeons, and many clients take that into consideration when choosing our services. MTT: How do you market to clients? EA: We employ a strategic marketing approach through the utilization of social media networks and word-of-mouth referrals. We also reach out directly to businesses that are relevant to the plastic surgery field and develop partnerships that way, such as plastic surgeons, recovery homes, nurses, transportation companies, culinary art professionals, hair salons and more. MTT: Will C’est La Vie explore other areas of healthcare besides plastic surgery in the future? EA: Absolutely! We plan to explore other areas in healthcare including cosmetic dentistry, in-vitro fertilization, gender re-assignment, mental health and different branches of research. MTT: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers? EA: C’est La Vie Consultants is an elite company that cares about our clients. We go above and beyond to make sure that our patients are safe and satisfied on their surgical journey. Our medical consultants have consulting competence in healthcare, and boast extensive knowledge and experience with regard to an array of medical processes.  

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