Stomatology Under General Anesthesia in Belarus

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Belarusian Tour Operator “MasterVisit” Post address: Ragachouskaja str. 19-128, 220056, Minsk, BELARUS Skype: mvbelarus GSM: +375 (29) 577-39-79 Viber: +375 (33) 333-53-51 E-mail: Dentistry under general anesthesia is a modern method of rendering dental service and the best way to treat teeth quickly, painlessly and most qualitatively. ADVANTAGES OF STOMATOLOGY UNDER GENERAL ANAESTHESIA IN BELARUS:

  • Absence of stress and pain during the treatment of teeth (it is especially actual for small children).
  • Allows a dentist to perform his duties in a good manner for a shorter period of time.
  • Reasonable prices for treatment.
  • There is no need for hospitalization as the patient in 20-40 minutes after an anesthesia comes back to full-fledged consciousness.
  • There is no need of collecting a set of sickness certificates and analyses – the decision to carry out an anesthesia (at the consent of patients/parents) is made by the anesthesiologist so he or she can independently estimate contraindications for anesthesia.


  • Aesthetic restoration of teeth with application of veneers and laminates
  • First-class dental prosthetics with the use of modern materials and technologies
  • Bite correction and modeling of a smile by bracket systems of the last generation, including self-ligating braces Damon, metal, sapphire, titanic, lingual braces
  • Implantation and removal of teeth with restoration of a bone tissue
  • General anesthesia
  • High level of service and perfect monitoring system of an infection
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