The New Yorker and “The Takeaway” Examine the Lure of Healthcare Abroad for Americans

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Editor’s Note: The April 16 issue of The New Yorker featured an interesting piece by staff writer James Surowiecki, called “Club Med.” In it, Surowiecki explores not just the phenomena of medical travel, including impressive numbers for inbound travel to Thailand, Malaysia, and South Korea, but also the potential for even greater growth thanks to the ailing American healthcare system. Surowiecki elaborated on his views on the potential for medical travel on the radio talk show “The Takeaway.” Surowiecki and Paul Vehorn, a radio host, behavioral psychologist and experienced medical traveler, discussed the rise of medical tourism with host Kristen Meinzer. To read the story from The New Yorker, click here. To hear the interview on “The Takeaway,” click here.

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