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Greetings, The Self-Insurer, a publication of the Self-Insurance Institute of America, recently shined a light on the value proposition of medical and surgical care abroad. Penned by David Boucher of Companion Global Healthcare, the piece examines the differentiators that are driving employers to offshore their employees’ surgical care (see INDUSTRY NEWS).   It’s an interesting read and its emphasis on employers’ focus on safety first is an interesting contrast to other pieces in this issue that posit that potential cost-savings are what truly drives the industry. I am not convinced, however, that cost is the driving factor of the industry. Yes, a $30,000-price difference makes for a great headline. But the fact that the media is filled more stories about savings than sloppy care, suggests that quality and safety measures are clearly in place, and arguably a key motivator for industry players. As always, we welcome your comments, story ideas and press releases. Cheers, Amanda Haar, Editor

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