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June 5, 2013, 12:00 pm
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What PR Pros Must Understand About Journalists: 10 Top Do’s and Don’ts

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By Laura Carabello, Principal, CPR Strategic Marketing and Communications; Publisher of   Medical Travel Today  and   U.S. Domestic Medical Travel™

Bulldogreporter.com—New communication channels are changing the face of journalism, creating a competitive climate for reporting news faster, more succinctly and in a format that is easily read online. Today’s news is pieced together with a ground-floor view, relying on interpretation, expertise and knowledge—rather than old-fashioned fact gathering. The news is transmitted via laptop, read on smart-phones, and synthesized into tweets to be shared within siloed communities. Nevertheless, the vital role that journalists play in how the public perceives local, national and international events remains the same.

In terms of what “new journalism” means to strategic communications, journalists and PR pros must continue to rely on each other in a way that is unlikely to change. Sound strategies that optimize this symbiotic interaction continue to be critical for success.

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