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Ad Multiservice was born five years ago by two founders, Michele Amabene and Damian Tiziano. Headquartered in Bologna, and with capabilities to provide services throughout Italy, all services are performed by experienced professionals and a technical staff. Our Company logo is an expression of the company’s history, with multiple service levels, including: Medical Services Specialists Physiotherapy Nursing Social and Health Services We partner with other companies in the sector, and our model is based on patient-centric care. Our clients include individuals, associations, hospitals and insurance companies that draw upon all the services needed to transfer patients with serious medical conditions to hospitals across Europe, the Mediterranean and worldwide. We embody a corporate mission to ensure that our customers benefit from a system of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, according to the highest standards of healthcare. Our goal is to reach customers wherever they are located: home, hotel, hospitals, or in transit. Headquartered in Italy, we can act with a minimum of notice, and support patients and their families, facilitating communication and activities among the patient, social services, physician specialists, personal health coaches and others in the continuum that supports the psycho-physical health of the individual. Our service platform is also equipped to manage the activities and social services as delegated by municipalities, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities as allowed by current legislation. We promote initiatives that establish profitable relationships with institutions, local communities, civil authorities, military and religious groups, voluntary associations, workers’ representatives, and those entities that are seeking economic and productive activities for the general population. The end point is to ensure fully integrated health services, social care and social services, all coordinated to promote optimal quality of life and to prevent, eliminate or reduce the impact of need/hardship resulting from inadequate income, social difficulties, psychological and relational difficulties and lack of autonomy. CREATE HEALTH: A Corporate Vision Create Health — two words to remember the twelve essential concepts of our model. Knowledge: company operators need to know and have the know-how to deliver high quality, patient-focused care. The investment in time and training stimulate teamwork. Responsibility: each staff member individually and as a group must assume responsibility for their actions, ensuring that they are able to fulfill commitments. Equity: means a fair distribution of resources, mitigating any attempts for abuse by individual professionals, associations or pressure groups. Membership: every member of the staff must develop a sense of belonging and feel part of an organization. This spans values ??and shared languages to collaborative behaviors and shared decision-making. The result is a healthy working environment – one that is calm, inspiring, and enhances the potential of each employee — and attracts professionals of excellence to join the team. Report: explore synergies among the various local and regional institutions, engaging the input of people with social and economic interests. Promote integration among leaders and advance collaborative research. Excellence: drive optimal performance and quality care that meets international standards and parameters, encourages innovation and development, and achieves service excellence. Endeavor to always strive for effectiveness, appropriateness, security and accessibility to health services – with continuity of care at the forefront. Security: ensure the safety of personnel through actions and investments aimed at improving the working conditions and patient safety. Undergo continuous review of processes with a goal to prevent errors or to minimize its impact. Humanity: with our Company at the center of all these activities, it is vital that the uniqueness of each individual is valued in its entirety, ensuring equal opportunities, avoiding all forms of discrimination and respecting the values, religious beliefs, gender differences and a culture of belonging. Efficiency: waste is often inherent in any business model, but everyone should be vigilant to reduce this practice. The aim is to overcome fragmentation in the delivery of care, and streamline processes in order to develop the most productive workforce and for the good of our clientele.