Growth of Medical Tourism in Turkey

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Turkey is deservedly popular as a world-class tourist destination, with its rich culture, gorgeous Mediterranean beaches and wealth of historical attractions – but it has also made great strides in the burgeoning field of medical tourism, becoming one of the top destinations for Europeans seeking high-quality healthcare at affordable prices. Thanks to the opening in Turkey of state-of-the-art, internationally accredited private hospitals and clinics that offer the latest technology and meet or even surpass the quality of facilities in Western Europe, coupled with the established expertise of Turkish doctors, it’s no surprise that the country has emerged as a beacon for medical tourists in recent years. In 2014, Turkey served over 400,000 medical tourists, who came for treatments ranging from two main types of laser eye surgery and liposuction to cancer and fertility treatments – more than double the number of medical travelers seen in the previous year, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute. An increasing number of patients are also seeking out newer treatments such as laser fat removal. Lipolaser treatments involve using laser technology to puncture holes in fat cells. To learn more about lipo laser machines, check out this useful KnockYourHealth lipolasers guide. Some 70 percent of these patients were treated in the country’s extensive network of private hospitals – such as those in the well-regarded Acibadem Healthcare Group – according to the Turkish Ministry of Health. Medical travelers to Turkey can take advantage of healthcare costs that are as much as two-thirds less than what they would pay in their home countries – depending on the procedure or treatment – while having confidence in the high quality of care they will receive and in the professionalism of Turkish doctors. Elective procedures, including cosmetic and plastic surgery, are among the most common medical treatments sought by foreign travelers to Turkey. The country has become particularly well-known as a hot spot for hair transplants, which have become popular thanks to both affordable pricing and the use of the non-surgical, minimally invasive FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method. Corrective eye surgery, IVF and other fertility treatments, and dental care ranging from routine dental work to dental implants are likewise in high demand. Turkey is also an important destination for those seeking treatments in branches of medicine requiring a high degree of specialization and the use of advanced technologies, including bone marrow transplantation, oncology, orthopaedics, organ transplants, neurosurgery, and cardiology and cardiovascular surgery. Another major draw for medical travelers to Turkey, particularly for those coming from countries with overloaded health systems, is the lack of waiting lists and ease of scheduling treatments. In addition, convenient flight connections and short flight times from Europe, excellent accommodation options for families of people receiving treatment, and a warm traditional culture of hospitality all combine to make Turkey a preferred country for medical tourism that is certain to meet patients’ expectations and needs. Many medical tourists turn to Turkey’s Acibadem Healthcare Group, which successfully treated 50,000 international patients in 2014. A recognized leader in the field, Acibadem is part of the world’s second-largest private healthcare chain through its partnership with IHH Healthcare Berhad. Pairing high-quality medical treatment with great value, Acibadem’s 18 hospitals and 13 outpatient clinics in Turkey offer superior equipment and technology with the expertise of world-class medical personnel. Acibadem’s internationally accredited health services bring together superior equipment and technology infrastructure with the expertise of physicians who have international experience and are among the most qualified in their fields – all while keeping prices cost-effective. A trusted brand throughout Turkey, Acibadem is at the forefront of the country’s healthcare industry; indeed, one in five Turkish patients who chose private care last year did so with Acibadem. For patients coming from abroad, Acibadem’s one-stop integrated approach – which includes consultation, diagnosis, transport to Turkey, translation services, and accommodation, in addition to the treatment itself – makes for comfortable and efficient treatment and patient satisfaction. As Turkey’s medical tourism industry continues to grow on its success, Acibadem is sure to remain an undeniable leader in the field.