NASH Launches First-of-a-Kind Travel Surgery Practice

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PRESS RELEASE: NASH Launches First-of-a-Kind Travel Surgery Practice: Serves US Patients, US Self-Insured Employers, Plan Sponsors, TPAs, and Healthcare Business Coalitions Introducing Program in Cancun DENVER, CO – January 17, 2017 – The North American Specialty Hospital (NASH) announces the opening of a first-of-a-kind center of excellence in the delivery of healthcare, with pre-and post-surgical care delivered in the U.S. and surgery performed outside the country. This unique model is equipped with U.S. clinical protocols, U.S. performance-based quality metrics, U.S. surgeon continuous engagement, U.S. malpractice insurance coverage, U.S. accreditation, and an attached US hotel. Jim Polsfut, NASH CEO, says, “We’re very pleased to offer what U.S. self-insured employers have told us they are seeking: U.S. standards of quality of care, billing that is both bundled and transparent, pricing that is internationally competitive at roughly half the US rates, and a travel destination that is at once appealing and convenient.” NASH now provides these elements of patient care in one location – Cancun, connected to the U.S. with non-stop, year-round flights. With exclusive use of two operating rooms as well as an entire patient recovery floor, NASH functions within the recently expanded Galenia Hospital, the only facility in North America with triple accreditation – both Canadian and Mexican authorities and the U.S. Joint Commission International. The grand opening of a Sheraton Four Points Hotel, attached directly to the Galenia Hospital, completes the ideal patient experience, with international hospitality delivered within a renowned U.S. hotelier. “Continuity-of-care is a hallmark of NASH’s service model, with U.S. surgeons involved by design in every step of the surgical process,” says Polsfut. “Pre- and post-operative care are provided in the U.S. where employees are based, and surgery is performed on a rotational basis in Cancun in collaboration with NASH’s local medical personnel.” According to Theodore Schlegel, MD, member of the NASH Board of Directors, founding member of the Steadman Hawkins Clinic in Denver, and former team physician for the Denver Broncos, “The NASH continuity network already includes some of the most respected surgeons in the United States from leading physician practice groups and universities. And in Cancun, each of our rotating surgeons serves as an adjunct professor for Anahuac University, Mexico’s leading medical school, thereby contributing to NASH’s role as a teaching institution focused on innovation and quality.” NASH launched its medical services in October 2016, with an initial caseload concentrating on orthopedic procedures, including total knee and total hip replacements. “Over time, NASH will expand into other medical specialties, including spine, cardiology, and oncology,” says Dr. Schlegel. “For each specialty, NASH’s primary value-added objective remains the same – strict attention to quality with substantial cost savings.” About North American Specialty Hospital Headquartered in Denver, NASH is a US majority-owned and managed enterprise. Incorporating US physicians in its service delivery, NASH is designed to provide pre-operative and post-operative services throughout the US, while providing clinical care in Cancun. Media Contact: Nathan Molinari CPR Communications [email protected].