SPOTLIGHT: Tim Vicknair, co-founder and managing director, European Medical Tourist (EMT)

Fallback Image [email protected] +1 512 784 5824 bs +1 919 595 3612 fx About European Medical Tourist (EMT) EMT began from the personal experiences of its founders, who worked in international business and had medical procedures performed overseas in Western countries. Both were impressed by the quality of care, the 75 percent in savings they realized and the medical skill of their physicians. They were also pleasantly surprised to find that their doctors were trained to establish a kind and gentle rapport with their patients. EMT, through its wide number of hospitals, now finds high quality, low-cost medical care for people all around the world. Whether you are uninsured or underinsured, EMT can often find the procedure for you at a fraction of the cost of what you would pay in the US. If you have a major medical policy with high deductibles, our prices often beat the deductible. If you are on an NHS waiting list or just want your procedure done quickly, we can usually have your procedure done in the hospital in a month. Medical Travel Today (MTT): Give our readers some background on European Medical Tourist. Tim Vicknair (TV): Established in 2005, European Medical Tourist (EMT) came to life in response to the health insurance crisis in the United States, along with the long wait lists for treatment in Canada. MTT: Does EMT serve all of Europe, or just specific locations? TV: At this point, EMT places heavy focus on health care in Germany. Germany is the most technically advanced country in Europe and is positioned as the fourth largest economy in the world, supporting a wide variety of medical care and advanced medical technology. Often U.S. companies bring their innovations to Germany before the U.S. And, in my opinion, physicians in Germany receive superior education. MTT: How does EMT choose the network of providers it recommends to patients? TV: Our decision to work with certain providers is based on extensive research. EMT fully investigates the quality of care provided by physicians, and even goes as far as speaking with their past patients, nurses and colleagues. We always ask the potential providers how many doctors they have as personal patients, as well as how many scientific-based publications they have authored in the past. The majority of the MD’s within EMT’s network hold a Ph.D. and are employed as professors at a University. Of course, the medical facility and the staff must also be investigated as are part of the team that treats the patients. We only recommend the best of the best. MTT: What makes Europe an attractive destination for medical travelers? TV: Europe utilizes the most advanced, proven technology, with Germany often leading the U.S. by nearly ten years in their respective space. Additionally, the country offers health care services at an affordable price, in a safe and heavily regulated environment. In comparison to the U.S., cost savings in Europe can range anywhere from 25 to 75 percent, depending on the case. MTT: Where do most of EMT’s medical travelers come from? TV: Most of our patients travel from the U.S. and Canada. However, we do attend to patients from all over the world, including Australia, South Africa, the UK, Indonesia, Russia, Italy, Spain, Japan, and the Middle East. MTT: How do you track quality data? TV: Following treatment in Germany, our network of providers recommend patients receive follow-up questionnaires and X-rays in their home country, which are then sent back to their original physician. This also provides EMT with quality control information. Patient follow-up tracking can range anywhere between one to 10 years. MTT: At this point, is there anything else you would like to share? TV: I think it is important to emphasize that while Europe offers beautiful scenery, EMT offers true health care value to its patients – we are not a ‘discount medical option’ or a vacation. For additional information about EMT, please visit: