About ClinicHunter.com – A New Leader in the Medical Travel Market

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  ClinicHunter.com is a new leader in medical tourism market. Our portal offers a database of more than 10,000 clinics in different medical fields like dentistry, plastic surgery, hair transplant, eye surgery and more, stationed around the world. With an advanced search engine and filters, Clinic Hunter helps foreign patients to find the right clinic and specialist, and contact them in a very simple way. Informative clinic profiles and our recommendations of a few selected clinics simplify the choice of doctors, who can satisfy even the most demanding customers. ClinicHunter is a convenient search engine for patients, but also a valuable platform for clinics and doctors who want to improve their experience of working with customers from abroad. Our portal offers a free listing and can guarantee that each clinic, which will assume the account will appear in our search engine. However, it is worth to remember that as much as 70 percent of inquiries from patients are sent to clinics, which are shown at leading positions in the listing. ClinicHunter does not impose a rigid rate and proposes clinics an auction model. Partners who want to occupy top positions in the search results should offer a higher rate than the rest. At the highest positions patients can expect reliable clinics with informative profiles and quick response time to enquiry. All of our activities are designed to provide the highest quality of service for patients from all over the world and to allow them to find expected treatment anywhere in the world.

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