Volume 3, Issue 20: David Adamson, MD, Founder and CEO, ARC Fertility Discusses Importance of Integrating Family-Forming Benefits into Employer Packages

Dear Colleagues, Family is a fundamental part of many people’s lives, yet nearly one in six individuals face challenges when forming a family. It is important to recognize the role employers can play in supporting their employees and how employers can address barriers to foster a supportive and equitable workplace environment. In

Industry News: Volume 3, Issue 20

Americans don’t need Biden to dictate their health care coverage By Virginia Foxx washingtontimes.com - Over 150 million Americans get their health care coverage from their employer through employer-sponsored insurance. These plans provide employees with access to high-quality, low-cost health care. The plans also have the flexibility to include added benefits for

Volume 3, Issue 19: John Roos, Co-Founder & EVP, Aphora Health Discusses Introducing International Healthcare to U.S. Employer Markets

Dear Colleagues, Medical travel has gained considerable attention worldwide for its potential for cost saving and high-quality treatment options. Despite this growing popularity, you may be surprised to learn that the U.S. employer market has yet to explore the benefits of offering medical travel as an employee healthcare option. This issue brings

Industry News: Volume 3, Issue 19

Medical crowdfunding isn’t a solution for skyrocketing health care costs By Annalisa Merelli statnews.com - In the United States, health care costs are so out of control that medical crowdfunding has become commonplace. The idea is simple: turn your social network into a financial safety net to cover the cost of expensive

Volume 3, Issue 18: Sanjiv Tandon, Global Leader, Life Sciences and Healthcare & Robert Baldry, Life Science Regulatory Affairs Transformation Leader at Genpact Discuss Human-Centered Approach to AI Adoption in Life Sciences

Dear Colleagues, I am excited to share my recent article published in the May issue of The Self Insurer discussing how employers are navigating new frontiers in cell and gene therapy. Please find this article in the Self-Insurer section of our website, where you can access my monthly articles written for the publication.  In

Feature Article: Sanjiv Tandon, Global Leader, Life Sciences and Healthcare & Robert Baldry, Life Sciences Regulatory Affairs Transformation Leader, Genpact

About Sanjiv Tandon, Global Leader Sanjiv has 23+ years of experience in Sales & Business Development, Operations & Service Delivery and Client Servicing & Relationship Management across multiple industry verticals including Life Sciences, Consumer Products, and Financial Services. About Robert Baldry, Life Science Regulatory Affairs Transformation Leader Robert Baldry, Life Science Regulatory Affairs

Industry News: Volume 3, Issue 18

UnitedHealth CEO estimates one-third of Americans could be impacted by Change Healthcare cyberattack By Ashley Capoot cnbc.com - UnitedHealth Group CEO Andrew Witty on Wednesday told lawmakers that data from an estimated one-third of Americans could have been compromised in the cyberattack on its subsidiary Change Healthcare, and that the company paid a $22 million