Volume 2, Issue 19: Laurel Pickering, Head of Strategic Alliance, Centivo, Discusses Facilitating Direct Contracting For Employers and Improving Care for Employees

Dear Colleagues, The medical tourism market size is expected to increase by USD 16.88 billion between 2020 and 2025. With the availability of low-cost, high quality treatment options at various medical tourism destinations, I am excited to see this market continue to grow! This issue brings you Laurel Pickering, Head of Strategic

Spotlight Interview: Laurel Pickering, Head of Strategic Alliance, Centivo

About Laurel Pickering Laurel Pickering is Head of Strategic Alliances at Centivo where she is responsible for managing and broadening relationships with key partners to expand the reach of Centivo’s innovative health plan model. Before joining Centivo, Laurel was Executive Vice President, Enterprise Solutions for Welldoc where she promoted their best-in-class digital

Industry News: Volume 2, Issue 19

INDUSTRY NEWS Morgan Health Announces New Investment in Centivo Latest strategic investment designed to scale affordable, accountable care-centered benefit options in the self-funded employer market Washington, D.C., July 19, 2022 – Morgan Health, the JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) business unit focused on improving the quality, equity and affordability of employer-sponsored health care, announced

Volume 2, Issue 18: Kelly Webb, Director of Sales and Marketing, Exclusive Surgeries Solutions, Discusses Helping Companies Guide Employees to Better Healthcare and Reduce Costs

Dear Colleagues, South Korea is looking towards the development of wellness tourism and will be promoting the country as a major medical tourism destination. Known for its advanced medical services, South Korea may be a destination to consider for your medical travel plans. This issue brings you Kelly Webb, Director of Sales

Spotlight Interview: Kelly Webb, Director of Sales and Marketing, Exclusive Surgeries Solutions

About Kelly Webb 2022 – Founder and Owner of Exclusive Behavioral Healthcare, a Residential Treatment Center Agrigator. 2015-2022 – Exclusive Surgeries Network: Direct contractor of planned benefits for counties, cities, municipalities, unions and companies which contracts with Board Certified Surgeons in Ambulatory Surgery centers nationwide. Currently leads a team of sales associates in

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Corporate Growth Forum Launches Opportunities for Investment, Mergers and Acquisitions in Self-Insured Market Space By Laura Carabello The Self-Insurer -- ‘Positive Energy’ describes the overall atmosphere during the recent SIIA Corporate Growth Forum (CGF) which brought together key leaders in the investor community with the SIIA member-companies that are focused on growth

Volume 2, Issue 17: Marilee Benson, President & Co-Founder, Zen Healthcare IT, Discusses Simplifying Data Interoperability and Optimizing Long-Term Interface Management to Protect Patient Data

Dear Colleagues, On Friday, June 10, the Biden administration announced that it would lift the requirement that travelers to the United States test negative for the coronavirus before boarding a plane. The travel industry met the news with great joy — it has been lobbying federal officials hard to lift the rule. The

Industry News: Volume 2, Issue 17

Great Speech Emphasizes Critical Importance of Speech Therapy to Recover from Rare Conditions Such as Ramsay Hunt Syndrome HOLLYWOOD, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Great Speech, Inc., a pioneer and leader in virtual speech therapy, cites the role of virtual speech therapy to improve overall speech and communication abilities for people with facial paralysis such

Volume 2, Issue 16: Andrew Roberts, Founder and Employee Benefits Consultant, AMR Benefits Management, Discusses Curbing Costs and Steering Members Toward Quality

Dear Colleagues, In a sign that medical travel is re-emerging as a cost effective benefit option, I was invited to present at the May 2022 meeting of the Group Underwriters Association of America (GUAA).  This membership organization -- staffed fully by volunteers -- addresses many issues impacting the industry.  You can view my