Volume 3, Issue 22: Will Clower, MD, Founder and CEO, Mediterranean Wellness Discusses Employer Benefits Wellbeing Programs Based on Mediterranean Lifestyle

Dear Colleagues,

You may remember our last issue featuring an interview discussing the importance of taking effective and proactive cybersecurity practices to protect your organization from cyberattacks.

Well, I am excited to bring you another article in this month’s issue of the The Self Insurer diving further into cybersecurity and how stewards of member health data and information can overcome vulnerabilities. Please find this article in the Self-Insurer section of our website, where you can access my monthly articles written for the publication.

In this issue, we speak with Will Clower, MD, Founder and CEO of Mediterranean Wellness discussing the benefits of a Mediterranean lifestyle and how the company provides flexible wellness solutions tailored to the unique needs of each employer.

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Please stay safe and tell me how you are breaking ground in these growing industries.

Laura Carabello
Executive Editor and Publisher
Medical Travel & Digital Health News
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