Industry News: Volume 3 Issue 17

What Does the Future Hold for the Employment-Based Health Benefits System?

By Paul Fronstin – The employment-based health benefits system is the most common form of health coverage in the United States, covering 167 million people under age 65 in 2017.  Between 2013 and 2017, the percentage of individuals with employment-based coverage has been growing. The increase in employment-based health insurance among workers and their dependents may be due to the increase in the percentage of employers offering such benefits, which may in turn be due to a combination of the strengthening economy, lower unemployment rates, and relatively low premium increases.

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With Measles Outbreaks on the Rise, a Concern Over the Connection to Air Travel

By Karen Schwartz – A record 81 U.S. flights were investigated in 2018 for carrying at least one person contagious with the disease, which has had a large number of outbreaks this year. Measles isn’t only in the headlines these days; it may also be on your airplane.

An adult contagious with the disease flew from Asia to San Franciscoin February, infecting two others — one adult and one child — during the flight, California health departments said this month.

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