News In Review: Volume 10, Issue 11

Advanced Healthcare Partner Business Model Applied to Medical Tourism – Through utilizing and leveraging their experiences in superior healthcare business strategies, access to resources, and current partnerships, AHP is able to positively affect companies in the healthcare industry as well as their diverse range of needs.

Medigo: the Berlin-based startup sending patients abroad for surgery

By Hazel Sheffield – People have traveled for medical tourism for thousands of years, but cheap flights and Google mean it’s never been easier—- Medigo has connected over 60,000 patients with doctors in 178 different countries for procedures ranging from brain surgery and cancer treatment to breast implants and tummy tucks.

Why having the right medical travel insurance is so important

By Zoe McDonald – For MS patient Andrew Youden the right travel insurance was vital, especially when a new health crisis struck while on holiday

Surgery & safari – the medical tourism destinations you should know about

By Nathan Adams – Combining a holiday with an elective or cosmetic procedure is still a popular choice for many travellers.