News In Review: Volume 10, Issue 8

How Hong Kong’s Health System Favors Outward Medical Tourism – Walking through the passageways at the North District Hospital in Hong Kong, it may be difficult to ignore one sign on the notice board. The sign stares at all who care to read and lists all the services available in the hospital and the wait times before a patient could receive each of them: A 29-month wait for an ultrasound scan, a 29-month wait for a mammogram, and a 23-month wait for an MRI.

Why does Nigeria’s Health Minister say no to Medical Tourism? — Nigeria Minister of Health Isaac Adewole has challenged physicians in the country to live up to their professional calling and find ways to discourage medical tourism in the country.

The Minister said that unless Nigerian professionals live up to the task of restoring sanity in the health sector, the challenges facing it will continue to linger if the potentials of health professionals are not harnessed.