Retro Spotlight: Joseph Carabello, President and CEO, CPR Strategic Marketing Communications

About Joseph Carabello, President and CEO, CPR Strategic Marketing Communications

Joseph Carabello has been involved in a broad range of developmental and operational activities relating to marketing and marketing communications throughout his career spanning healthcare, managed care, hospital marketing, medical travel, e-business and technology sectors.  Carabello focuses his energy on developing key relationships with industry leaders, as well as managing all areas of CPR operations 

Holding key positions in several managed care organizations, as well as venture-based startups and consulting firms, Mr. Carabello has extensive experience in the healthcare industry. He has served on the board of numerous companies including managed care organizations, physician partnerships, and public service organizations. 

An experienced strategic planner, he was responsible for the start-up and marketing programs of several health maintenance organizations including Oxford Health Plans and Health Care Plan of New Jersey.  He was also a member of the Board of Directors of Consumer Health Network, an east coast PPO, and was involved in its acquisition by a leading insurer. 

Mr. Carabello also served as Vice President of Olsten Health Care Services, a home healthcare company, where he was responsible for managing the company’s activities on a national level.  Over the course of his career, Mr. Carabello has also been called upon to start up, develop, and market regional ambulatory healthcare systems.

In addition, Mr. Carabello has acted as a consultant to the Office of Health Maintenance Organizations of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on marketing HMOs.  He has served on the Board of Health Systems Agencies (HSAs) in New Jersey and Louisiana. While serving in Louisiana, Mr. Carabello played a critical role in securing a change in the legal status of HMOs there, which made the development, and very existence of such programs possible.

A US Army Veteran, Carabello has served on a number of corporate and community boards, including Alvin Healthcare, Unotron LTD, Sphera Global Healthcare, The Bergen Community College Foundation, The Molly Foundation for Juvenile Diabetes, The Community Resource Council, and was twice the March of Dimes Walk America chairman for Bergen County.  He has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Fairleigh Dickenson University and did his MBA work at Louisiana State University.

About CPR Strategic Marketing Communications

CPR creates powerful, integrated, strategic marketing and communications plans for today’s aggressive media world. We understand how communications can support organizational goals and our team listens and works cooperatively to define problems and opportunities in both the long and short terms. CPR empowers messages for defined audiences to launch products and services, attract clients and elevate awareness. Our proactive campaigns filter external factors, identify internal forces and unleash potential for domestic and international companies of all sizes, emerging and established, complex and simplistic. Headquartered in Elmwood Park, N.J., CPR has applied proven, prioritized principles of communications and marketing for publicly traded companies, privately held entities and not-for-profit organizations since 1981. Connect with CPR: Twitter @CPR_Comm,, e-mail [email protected], or call 201-641-1911, ext. 50.

World-class Healthcare: Visiting Aster DM Healthcare in Dubai

Our greatly anticipated visit to Aster DM’s headquarters and healthcare facilities finally came to fruition on January 8, 2022, with the culmination of months of careful planning—-and didn’t disappoint.

From our first steps onto our Emirates Airlines flight to the final good-byes at the JFK Airport in New York, we had enjoyed an action-packed week crammed with intellectual, visual, and gastronomical experiences to last into the next decade.

Joined by Mike Ferguson, President of SIIA and Rajesh Rao, President of Indus Health, Laura and I followed an action-packed schedule designed by David Boucher to provide us with an immersion into Aster’s culture and delivery system that kept us on the go, opening our eyes to a world-class healthcare delivery system providing care of the growing populations of India and the GCC.

Based in Dubai with 27 hospitals, 117 clinics and 225 pharmacies and vision centers, Aster DM Healthcare, under the leadership of its chairman, Dr. Azad Moopen, has carved a place as a leader in worldwide healthcare delivery.

Dinner conversations with Chairman Dr. Moopen allowed us to experience his warmth and openness in striving to make the best better.  Deputy Managing Director, Alisha Moopen, characterized her father as, “inquisitive,” accurately defining his quest for knowledge and finding ways to improve on a successful delivery system.

Our visits to their acute care hospitals demonstrated the ability to provide the highest quality and most complex care to a broad-based patient population.  Visiting the Aster clinics allowed to meet their competent staff and see the clinics in action as patients streamed in and checked out smiling.  Most striking was the gleaming appearance of all facilities visited.  And it wasn’t done just for the purposes of our visit. Having several clinics in the same vicinity, we accidentally visited the wrong clinic listed on our schedule and received the same greeting and impromptu tour after our reason for being there was sorted out.

After meeting the Aster staff at all levels and having the most senior leaders, Ms. Alisha Moopen, GFO Sreenath Reddy and Dr. Malathi Asrhanapalai reinforcing their commitment to providing the utmost care for international patients with quality outcomes as the goal, learning about Dr. Moopen’s bountiful generosity and Aster’s award-winning volunteer program from Mr. T.J. Wilson, we left Dubai, a city of wonderment, knowing that Aster DM Healthcare is a world-class healthcare company that measures up to the finest in the world.