Volume 1, Issue 10: Rajesh Rao, CEO, IndusHealth; David Mair, SVP, Hospital CIMA; and Brad Cook, President, Medical Tours Costa Rica Discuss Costa Rica’s Role in the Medical Travel and Tourism Industry

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In this issue, we speak with Rajesh Rao, CEO, IndusHealth, David Mair, SVP, Hospital CIMA, and Brad Cook, President, Medical Tours Costa Rica, to discuss Costa Rica’s role in the medical travel and tourism industry and how they’ve adapted to operate in the age of Covid-19.

This issue also brings you news on Pfizer’s expected yearly Covid-19 vaccine boosters, Dr. Fauci’s claim that the U.S. needs to boost vaccinations to stay ahead of COVID-19 variants, why overworked pharmacists are saying the industry in crisis puts patient safety at risk, how big tech helps set standards for Covid-19 vaccine verification, how the pharma industry aims to parlay pandemic goodwill into long-term reputation gains and more.

The Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc. (SIIA) is pleased to announce that the next instalment of its Medical Travel Seminar Series will feature Costa Rica. Hear from the program team (CIMA Hospital, IndusHealth and Medical Tours Costa Rica) that has worked together for the past 10 years to help over a thousand employees and dependents covered by U.S. self-insured employer health plans obtain accessible, affordable, high-quality medical care in Costa Rica.

The seminar, produced in partnership with Medical Travel & Digital Health News, is scheduled for March 24 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST. It is a free event for both members and non-members, but advance registration is required.

This informative and engaging Connect from Anywhere (CFA) live seminar is designed to showcase what it takes to offer an effective, results-driven medical travel benefit, how it benefits employers and employees, and how Costa Rica has proven to be a popular and valued medical travel destination for Plan Sponsors and members of self-insured group health plans.

Learn what makes this team’s approach uniquely well positioned for Americans who choose to travel for medical treatment, and how patients and Plan Sponsors continue to achieve outstanding results. This seminar will feature:

  • Insights from a team which a proven record of success in delivering a seamless, reliable program without adding administrative, financial or risk management burdens on the Plan Sponsor
  • Details about qualifying treatments, cost savings, quality metrics, outcomes and patient satisfaction
  • A quick, virtual tour of the hospital
  • A visit with some of the specialists who provide medical services for international patients
  • A practical guide to ways your organization can implement an effective medical travel benefit, and how to utilize it to expand the scope of your current benefit plans while reducing overall costs, enhancing benefits, and increasing member satisfaction
  • Perspectives of benefit managers about employer expectations and experience, including employee feedback and results achieved over the years
  • Plan design, risk management and ERISA considerations, along with the role of participant incentives
  • Experience of members of IndusHealth’s clients such as HSM Solutions, Ashley Furniture and CommScope who chose to travel to Costa Rica for medical treatment
  • How patients have been served safely since Costa Rica reopened its borders to international travel

Please click here for more information and to register.

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This Connect from Anywhere (CFA) event has been designed to allow for the sponsor(s) to showcase product/service solutions to those involved with the management of self-insured health plans, captive insurance companies, and/or self-insured workers’ compensation programs. The sponsor had paid a fee to SIIA for production and promotional services and is entirely responsible for its content.

Registrant information will be shared with event sponsor(s). SIIA does not endorse any company, product or service. For information regarding similar sponsorship opportunities, please contact Justin Miller at jmiller@siia.org.

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