Volume 1, Issue 5: Ryan Palmer, Ed.D., M.F.A., Principal, Kennedy & Company Education Strategies Discusses Medical Students on Meeting with Patients Virtually via Telehealth

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While the COVID-19 pandemic has halted growth in the medical travel sector, expect the pace to pick up again throughout the new year as the opportunity for vaccines spreads worldwide.

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Recent world events have had a major impact on medical travel and have forced a new era of healthcare. Digital health has long been an integral component of medical travel and post COVID-19, it will continue to play a substantial role in enhancing care for both patients and providers.

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In this issue, we speak with Ryan Palmer, Ed.D., M.F.A., Principal, of Kennedy & Company Education Strategies to discuss how medical students are preparing to meet with patients virtually via telehealth.

We also bring you news on hospitals in Medicaid expansion states which could have better chance of weathering COVID-19 crisis, findings that the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine could protect for years, and how researchers are using Facebook data and AI to spot early stages of severe psychiatric illness.

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Laura Carabello
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