Volume 2, Issue 20: Sergio Fonda, President and Founder, and Matteo Confalonieri, CEO, IppocraTech, Discuss the Use of Non-Invasive Medical Device for the Simultaneous Measurement of the Five Vital Parameters

Dear Colleagues,

I am excited to share my recent article titled, “Full Speed Ahead for International and US Domestic Medical Travel,” featured in the August issue of The Self Insurer! With the requirement for travelers to test negative for COVID-19 before entering the U.S. being lifted, the medical travel industry is presented with an opportunity for program growth.

This issue brings you Sergio Fonda, president and founder, and Matteo Confalonieri, CEO, IppocraTech, to discuss an innovative, non-invasive medical device that simultaneously measures the five vital parameters—maximum and minimum blood pressure, respiratory rate, heart rate, blood oxygenation and body temperature.

Please stay safe and tell me how you are breaking ground in these growing industries.

Laura Carabello
Executive Editor and Publisher
Medical Travel & Digital Health News
[email protected]