Volume 3 Issue 17: Cathy Nenninger, CEO, New World Medical Network discusses unique pricing models for employers utilizing medical tourism benefits

Dear Colleagues:

In this exclusive interview, you will meet Cathy Nenninger, CEO, New World Medical Network, which is run by experienced healthcare and insurance professionals and caters to the self-insured marketplace.

According to Nenninger, employers are losing employees because they are cutting their benefits and looking for ways to improve their offerings without any cost. The New World platform is unique because they don’t charge a per-employee, per-month (PEPM), only a usage fee amount to the employer IF the person travels, and there is no charge to the employee at all. 

This issue also brings you an inside look on what the future holds for the employment-based health benefits system and what the Measles outbreak means for air travel.

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Laura Carabello 
Editor and Publisher

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