Volume 3 Issue 18: Ryan Coplon, Co-founder and President, HealthWallet explains mobile solution for payer and employer groups

Dear Colleagues:

In this exclusive interview, you will meet Ryan Coplon, Co-founder, HealthWallet which is a mobile solution working to consolidate convenience and transparency, offering employers the most comprehensive cost containment and concierge mobile healthcare tools currently available on the market today.

According to Coplon, the HealthWallet app contains four pieces of functionality: direct integration, pharmaceutical services, provider benefits and telemedicine/tele-therapy capabilities. To find out more, make sure to read this month’s spotlight! 

This issue also brings you news on how the nation’s biggest employers are uniting to fight the benefits status quo. We also discuss measles cases, which have risen nearly four-fold in the first quarter.

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Laura Carabello 
Editor and Publisher

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