Volume 3 Issue 19: Reid Rasmussen, Co-founder & CEO, freshbenies discusses new practical tools to control healthcare

Dear Colleagues:

In this exclusive interview, you will meet Reid Rasmussen, Co-founder and CEO, freshbenies which increases access to care and allows customers to save hundreds to thousands with telehealth, doctors online, advocacy, Rx savings and more

Rasmussen grew concerned about the out-of-pocket costs that he was seeing on medical plans being installed around the country. Employers from all over the country have decided to join freshbenies, in an effort to offer better benefits for employees, at a lower cost.

This issue also brings you news on National Arthritis Awareness Month, the CMS delay of CAR T-cell national coverage and Facebook’s new disease prevention maps to fight flu and malaria outbreaks.

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Laura Carabello 
Editor and Publisher

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