VOLUME 3 ISSUE 23: Lawrence Thompson & Stephen Manzelli, co-founders, Inventavis Discuss the Development of Association Health Plans Regulations and Services

Dear Colleagues, In this issue, we talk with Lawrence Thompson & Stephen Manzelli, co-founders, Inventavis, serving a wide range of customers through innovative, expert strategic guidance on a variety of business elements including new customer markets, programs, services and products for the Health plan vertical. In this exclusive interview, Thompson and Manzelli discuss the development of

Spotlight Interview: Lawrence Thompson & Stephen Manzelli, co-founders, Inventavis

About Lawrence Thompson With 40 years of success in the benefit industry, Mr. Thompson provides guidance and expertise for every engagement. His knowledge of administration, technology, compliance, plan design, reinsurance and the market make him a critical resource for our clients. Mr. Thompson has worked for major insurance carriers, the Blues, TPA’s and technology companies.

Industry News: Volume 3 Issue 23

Tennessee releases proposal to convert federal Medicaid dollars into block grant by Robert King fiercehealthcare.com – Tennessee released its proposal to the federal government to become the first state to convert Medicaid funding into a block grant. The state’s Department of Finance and Administration said in a notice Tuesday it intends to file an amendment to its Medicaid program

Volume 10, Issue 13: David Thomas Boucher, Chief Business Transformation Officer, Bumrungrad International Hospital Discusses International Prescription Travel Program in Bangkok

Dear Colleagues, Medical Travel Today is excited to introduce you to David Thomas Boucher, Chief Business Transformation Officer, Bumrungrad International Hospital (BIH), a Joint Commission International accredited, multi-specialty hospital located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. In this exclusive interview, Boucher discusses the immense financial benefits of BIH’s international prescription travel program where patients gain access to some

Spotlight Interview: David Thomas Boucher, Chief Business Transformation Officer, Bumrungrad International Hospital

David T. Boucher, former president, chief operating officer, UCI Medical Affiliates and Companion Global Healthcare, both wholly-owned subsidiaries of BCBS of South Carolina, is leading Bumrungrad International Hospital’s transformational initiatives. Boucher focuses upon international insurance billing functions, the end-to-end appointment booking and consumer inquiry process, expatriate marketing and public presentations

Industry News: Volume 10, Issue 13

South Korean CDMO consolidates, plants flag in California by Eric Palmer fiercepharma.com – South Korean conglomerate SK Holdings jumped decidedly into contract manufacturing a couple of years ago with deals for API plants in Ireland and the U.S. Now, it is rolling those into a group that includes its plant in South Korea in

News In Review: Volume 10, Issue 13

NEWS IN REVIEW An International Perspective On The Paradoxes Of US Health Care healthaffairs.org – Each year, the Commonwealth Fund selects an international cohort of Harkness Fellows in health care policy and practice, consisting of mid-career researchers, policy makers, and practitioners with leading positions in their countries, who come to the US to study

Volume 3 Issue 22: Katelyn O’Shaughnessy, Founder & CEO, Doctours Discusses Finding Medical Treatment Abroad with Transparent Pricing

Dear Colleagues, In this issue, we talk with Katelyn O’Shaughnessy, Founder & CEO, Doctours, to discuss how easy it can be on a patient’s mind and wallet to travel abroad for a medical procedure. O’Shaughnessy also discusses her interest in Bumrungrad International Hospital in Thailand. This issue also brings you news on the

Spotlight Interview: Katelyn O’Shaughnessy, Founder & CEO, Doctours

About Katelyn O’Shaughnessy Katelyn O’Shaughnessy is an award-winning travel agent and entrepreneur who created travel companies, TripScope and Doctours. Featured on Forbes’ 2016 30 Under 30 list, Katelyn O’Shaughnessy is the CEO & Founder of the medical tourism company, Doctours. Driven by the current climate of the U.S. healthcare system, Katelyn has utilized her expertise in

Industry News: Volume 3 Issue 22

PRESS RELEASE: First Annual Thought Leadership & Innovation Foundation Awards Honor Excellence in Health, Education and Economic Empowerment For more details and to apply for the Ignite Innovation Award or Oldham Family Thought Leadership Award visit https://www.thoughtfoundation.org/overview-tli-foundation-awards MCLEAN, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Inaugurating a national annual program to recognize and honor individuals, companies and organizations that exemplify innovation and excellence to improve or transform health, advance