Industry News: Volume 1, Issue 12

The digital mental health market is booming. Here’s why some experts are concerned

By Heather Landi—The digital mental health space was growing rapidly even before the COVID-19 pandemic but stress and anxiety brought on by the health crisis have accelerated demand for virtual behavioral health services.

The success of digital mental health startups means that more people can access mental wellness than were potentially able to do so before.

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Pfizer, Moderna Coronavirus Vaccines Appear Safe, Effective in Pregnant Women

By Alexa Lardieri—Coronavirus vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna appear to be safe for pregnant women.

An early analysis of data published in the New England Journal Medicine found that both vaccines, which use messenger RNA technology, or mRNA, to deliver protection to recipients, do not appear to pose any serious risk during pregnancy and are effective in pregnant women.

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Burned out by the pandemic, 3 in 10 health-care workers consider leaving the profession

By William Wan—The doctor’s bag now sits in his closet gathering dust. He lost his stethoscope somewhere in the house—a familiar weight that sat on his neck for two decades.

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FTC issues warning that using biased AI could violate consumer protection laws

By Heather Landi—The Federal Trade Commission signaled this week that it is taking a hard look at bias in artificial intelligence technology, warning businesses and health systems that the use of discriminatory algorithms could violate consumer protection laws.

“Hold yourself accountable—or be ready for the FTC to do it for you,” Elisa Jillson, an attorney in FTC’s privacy and identity protection division, wrote in an official blog post.

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FDA inspection found problems at factory making J&J vaccine

By Associated Press—The Baltimore factory contracted to make Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine was dirty, didn’t follow proper manufacturing procedures and hard poorly trained staff, resulting in contamination of material that was going to be put in the shots, U.S. regulators said Wednesday.

The Food and Drug Administration released a statement and a 13-page report detailing findings from its reent inspection of the now-idle Emergent Biosciences factory.

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Biden hits 100-day vaccine goal as case counts in Michigan, U.S. show signs of slowing

By Nate Rattner—President Joe Biden announced Wednesday that his administration had reached its goal of 200 million Covid vaccine shots administered during his first 100 days in office, and touted that half of U.S. adults, and 80% of seniors, have received at least one shot.

The president had originally aimed for 100 million shots in 100 days, a goal that drew criticism for being too conservative.

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Oxford, Prenetics to take their COVID-19 rapid testing tech to other infectious diseases

By Andrea Park—While most of the world can’t wait to leave the COVID-19 pandemic and its many disastrous accouterments behind, researchers are hoping at least one aspect of the outbreak sticks around: the prevalence of rapid molecular testing.

To that end, the University of Oxford, its Oxford Suzhou Centre for Advanced Research (OSCAR) in China and Prenetics, a Hong Kong-based test maker, have partnered to further develop the technology behind Oxford’s rapid COVID test so that it can be used to diagnose other infectious diseases around the world.

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Survey by Ohio regulator shows stress, fatigue among pharmacists at chain stores

By Adiel Kaplan—Roughly half of pharmacists in the nation’s seventh most populous state say they do not have adequate time to complete their job safely, according to a report released by Ohio’s pharmacy regulator Tuesday. The state’s 4,000-person survey on pharmacists employed at large chain retail pharmacies.

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