News In Review: Volume 10, Issue 1

AAFP Adds Five New ‘Choosing Wisely’ Recommendations – The AAFP has added five new recommendations to its Choosing Wisely list,which highlights medical tests, treatments and procedures that may be unnecessary and should prompt discussion between patients and their physicians.

Trump Administration Clears Way for Obamacare Insurer Program – The Trump administration is asking for input on an Obamacare program that collects and pays out billions of dollars to health insurance companies.

Health Problems Reported in 14% of Zika-associated Births in U.S. Territories – About 14% of babies age one or older who were born in U.S. territories to pregnant women infected with Zika virus since 2016 have at least one health problem possibly caused by exposure to the virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported today. About 6% had Zika-associated birth defects, 9% nervous system problems and 1% both.

Health Care’s Fundamental Flaw and the Recurring-Payment-For-Outcomes Solution – The fundamental problem that now threatens the health benefits and insurance of everyone in the United States, including Medicare, Medicaid and employee health benefits, is caused by a profound change that has slowly taken place over the last 50 years.

U.S. Hospitals Shut at 30-a-Year Pace, With No End in Sight – Industry M&A may be no savior as the pace of hospital closures, particularly in hard-to-reach rural areas, seems poised to accelerate.

Payer Roundup—Americans think U.S. is behind in healthcare; CMS approves Maryland reinsurance waiver – A majority of Americans think the U.S. provides more individual freedom, more opportunities to get ahead and a higher quality of life than other industrialized nations do, according to a new Gallup poll.

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