Volume 3, Issue 1: Drew Ben Aharon, Chief Growth Officer & Product Development, Great Speech Inc., Discusses Benefits of Virtual Speech Therapy for Patients with Communication Disorders

Dear Colleagues, 

Despite travel nursing rates continuing to spike, pay rates are currently on a steady but gradual decline. A new report outlines the “record-breaking” private equity deals that involved travel nursing agencies in 2012 and beyond, indicating that short-term profit-seeking and possible conflicts are playing a part in healthcare industry struggles. 

I am excited to start off our new volume of Medical Travel & Digital Health News by bringing you Drew Ben-Aharon, Chief Growth Officer & Product Development, from Great Speech, Inc. to discuss the advantages of virtual speech therapy and how Great Speech, Inc. helps patients affected by communication disorders.  

Please stay safe and tell me how you are breaking ground in these growing industries. 

Laura Carabello 
Executive Editor and Publisher 
Medical Travel & Digital Health News 
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