Volume 3 Issue 22: Katelyn O’Shaughnessy, Founder & CEO, Doctours Discusses Finding Medical Treatment Abroad with Transparent Pricing

Dear Colleagues,

In this issue, we talk with Katelyn O’Shaughnessy, Founder & CEO, Doctours, to discuss how easy it can be on a patient’s mind and wallet to travel abroad for a medical procedure. O’Shaughnessy also discusses her interest in Bumrungrad International Hospital in Thailand.

This issue also brings you news on the first annual Thought Leadership & Innovation Foundation Awards honoring Excellence in Health, Education and Economic Empowerment, the Optum employees who are volunteering with local nonprofits, the rise healthcare costs for families with employer coverage has taken since 2008, the rise of inpatient hospital prices, Trump’s boost to state drug import plans, and a new study that debunks the idea that the US spends more on healthcare because it doesn’t spend enough on social services.

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Laura Carabello 
Editor and Publisher

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