VOLUME 3 ISSUE 23: Lawrence Thompson & Stephen Manzelli, co-founders, Inventavis Discuss the Development of Association Health Plans Regulations and Services

Dear Colleagues,

In this issue, we talk with Lawrence Thompson & Stephen Manzelli, co-founders, Inventavis, serving a wide range of customers through innovative, expert strategic guidance on a variety of business elements including new customer markets, programs, services and products for the Health plan vertical. In this exclusive interview, Thompson and Manzelli discuss the development of Association Health Plans and what Inventavis is doing to serve them.

This issue also brings you news on the story of a couple who does not let end stage kidney failure stop their travels, the cancer patients who are turning to crowdfunding to cover medical expenses, the explosion of dental tourism, the growth of tourism numbers for Harrisonburg, VA and a deep dive into how medical tourism is saving patients and their employers money.

We’re also excited to announce the upcoming HLTH 2019 is taking place on October 27-30 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas!

HLTH 2019 gathers senior leaders from across the entire healthcare ecosystem – payers, providers, employers, investors, startups, pharma, and policymakers – while also casting a spotlight on patient experience and highlighting innovative centers.

Don’t miss this fabulous opportunity to meet with these innovators, community leaders, disruptors and change-makers, and learn how they are impacting the health industry.

Thank you for your interest in this exciting, growing market space. We welcome your comments and/or editorial contributions, which can be sent directly to: editor@USDomesticMedicalTravel.com.

Laura Carabello 
Editor and Publisher

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